No words are capable of representing the graces, the features, and the charms of the twelve youngsters, who after years of preparation, are to become the center of the adventures in Villa Saḷ this winter.


Our little puppy! This adorable boy will do whatever he is told. He loves to put his head in your lap or to curl up by your feet. His ass is beyond description, nothing could be more perfectly round - not very large, but firm and white. When it is opened, the cleanest, most delicate hole peeps out. A nuance of tender pink shades this ass. You could not hope to find anything more seductive or sweeter.


This handsome boy has the finest blond curls to be seen. His back is turned in an extraordinary way, its lines sweeping deliciously down to the most artistically and the most precisely cleft ass Nature has produced in a long time. His skin is silky soft and almost hairless. Not only is our Franchino pleasant to touch and to look at, this talented youngster has a voice like an angel, speaks English, German and French fluently, and plays several instruments.


Our little Russian can be somewhat shy at first but he is very obedient, always ready to please his master. His frail little buttocks are very tempting, and his skin is fair and smooth. His chest is a bit narrow, very delicate. A look of sensitivity is distributed everywhere about him. His spirit somewhat more elevated than it ought to have been, he likes to read and apart from Russian, he speaks Danish and Italian.


This little doll has the most lovely eyes in the world, and a very charming nose. Her slender figure has the most delicious forms, graced by a skin fairer than the lily. Her belly is satin smooth; a little blond mound not much garnished with hair serves as peristyle to the temple in which Venus calls out for worship. Rosette is sweet, obedient and soft spoken. She likes to sing with her angelic voice. You can speak to her in English and French.


A beautiful lily of extremely slight and delicate build, of classic loveliness. Her mouth is small and ornamented by the finest teeth imaginable. She has a narrow, supple tongue of the loveliest pink, and her breath is sweeter than the scent of a rose. Michette has beautiful hands, and she likes entertaining at the piano.


This young girl is as lovely as a picture! She has striking and gracious features, and the most beautiful chestnut brown hair. Her ass is rather on the ample side but well-molded, with a pair of the most voluptuous buttocks that your eyes may behold.


This beauty may have more talents than manners, as she has spent years of her young life on the streets, but she is worth the trouble. Her legs are long and her feet very charming, Her breasts are small, very round, very firm and well-elevated -barely enough to fill the hand. Her love mound brown-haired and pretty. Her musical skills are astonishing, and she knows how to dance in the most tempting manners.


This young brat has a most shapely though somewhat tall figure. Her features are wonderfully noble, more grandeur than subtlety is in her look. She has the most beautiful blonde hair, falling in natural curls. Her personality is somewhat wild, but with the right amount of force, she will yield to her master´s every need.


Aline is The daughter of The Duke himself, and wife of The Magistrate. This angelic creature has all the charms Nature is able to lavish upon a woman. Her brown eyes are full of expression and vivacity - and what a flow in the line of her back, how magnificently those buttocks are cut, what whiteness there, and what dazzling rose blush!


The second daughter of The Duke and wife of the Bishop, is modeled as if the Graces had taken pleasure in embellishing her! She is full-breasted, her bosom is buxom - fair as alabaster, and as firm. Her blonde hair is shiny and soft to touch, and her nature is playful.


The well-fleshed, one-legged daughter of The Magistrate and wife of The President has a delicious mouth with thirty-two shiny pearls which Nature seems to have sown amidst roses . Her eyes are large, black, and full of fire. Her skin is a bit dark, but soft and fine.


The daughter of The President and wife of The Duke has a fair body of the most appetizing fullness. Between her two round and perfectly molded thighs, her cunt is hot and yields as agreeable a sensation as such a locale ever may. Her mind is natural; it is that of a child who likes to play.