Those who care for nothing but the extraordinary will most surely know The Madams in person already. The less privileged are undoubtedly familiar with their reputation as the finest, most experienced concubines of Europe. As the Madams have spent their lives in the most furious debauchery, they have reached the state where they can describe every desirous extravagance - all its divagations, all its ramifications, all its contingencies. As our storytellers, The Madams will inflame lust; all will be permitted.

Madame Vaccari has run Villa Saḷ for the last two decades making it the finest, most luxurious cathouse one could ever wish to frequent. She has all the looks and tone of a brilliant whore. Her services only include the most advanced and extraordinary.

Madame Maggi is the business partner of Madame Vaccari. She has the most voluptuous quality in her look and carriage, combining the utmost delicious assets of both sexes. She is endowed with a majestic member that she knows how to work very skillfully.

Madame Castelli is vice and lust personified. Her Belgian and German establishments are known worldwide for providing the very freshest meat on the market.

Madame Orlandi is true warm blooded passion. Lust is in her slightest movements, in her simplest gestures, in her slightest quip. Her house is Vienna´s most exclusive and her experience in forbidden passions is extensive.